Just a southern baking mama focused on changing the world one family kitchen at a time.

Diets are dumb. There I said it.

Who wants to literally suffer to (try to) feel healthier- that is a serious oxymoron.



Deprivation isn’t an experience my family is familiar with, thank heavens. I set out on a journey to learn to balance my family’s nutrition for the better! Surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult. It was in front of my face for years- and I ignored it. Not anymore! We now live by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time we are fueled by some serious super-foods and clean cooking, the other 20% we spend “indulging” as we like to call it. Some may want to relate these to “cheat days” but I don’t like that phrase. We aren’t cheating. We have simply learned a pretty darn simple balancing act!

  • Knowing you can’t have something only makes it more difficult to deny.

  • Knowing you can have something, only makes it easier to resist.

Follow my blog posts to keep up with our story of how we live and eat guilt free! If you involuntarily ignored that pop up (because we all do it, right?), and you still want to get your hands on some family friendly meals, grocery lists, and quick tips to feel better all around- just click on the “All Access” tab at the top of the page, and let me know you want those freebies in the comments box!!!


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