The Beginning

Let me take you through a quick snapshot of life before I discovered that meal prepping for 8 hours on Sunday and depriving myself of things I enjoyed wasn’t the way to live life.

I was an exhausted mom, trying to balance my caloric intake, searching for “time” to exercise, attempting to get a good 5 (?) hours of sleep, teaching high school chemistry full time, taking masters courses online, keeping up with my three year old, baking and decorating (super cute) sugar cookies, oh yeah- and being a wife.

I slept terribly when I actually slept. I ran off of Diet Dr. Pepper and junk food. I was grumpy and bloated like ALL the time (it hurts to admit that). I was spending almost $200 a week at the grocery store [attempting] to get semi-healthy food for my family. I kept the kitchen hot on Sundays trying to cook and store 20 meals plus 20 snacks a week for my husband and I to take to work. I was sacrificing time with my precious daughter only to feel run-down and like a failure in many aspects.

Anyone been there? Pouring yourself out and never filling back up?


Wise words my support community constantly uses….

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

WHOA. You mean you actually have to take care of yourself to live a happy life? Yes girl, you do.  I loved my multiple jobs, but I never felt like actually doing them. I wasn’t showing up with my best efforts in play because I was physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. And for years I purposely denied the necessary luxury of taking care of myself. I literally had the solution staring at me through a beautiful college girlfriend for two straight years– and I ignored it each time it was brought up. I ask myself constantly what my life would be like had I started two years ago when it was first brought to my attention!

Fast forward to now. 


It took me less than a week to feel like a new person once I had the road map to restarting my body. I was happier, sleeping better, and when Sunday rolled around I didn’t have that 8 hour grueling meal prep staring at me!! ONE WEEK PEOPLE!! Soon after, I started going to yoga and working out at home. My excuse before was “I don’t have time”, but the truth of the matter was I didn’t want to. I didn’t feel like it. I felt like an elephant with the energy of a mouse. That was because I wasn’t fueling my body the way I needed to. Yes, all of those prior struggles I mentioned above all led back to HOW I WAS EATING. Did we have healthy meals before, yeah sure. But was I still addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper and junk food, yep. Did I think I had the ability to kick those habits, nope. Truth was, I didn’t have to fight hard to kick them, I just had to reset what my body was craving. Now remember, I am all about that 80/20 lifestyle and junk food exists in that 20 you better believe it. However, it is no longer a daily NEED, and for that I am forever grateful.

Today, I am thankful for the new life I gained using the road map of how to reset, detoxify, and fuel my body.

I would love to connect with any of you who want that same road map!

Love and Balance,

Balanced Baking Mama

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