3 Ways to Make Your Life More Convenient

Anyone else feel like their days are spent in constant movement? Maybe not always productive movement, but movement nonetheless. For example, trying to do laundry while your garbage disposal *toddler* asks for their seventh snack of the day? That’s movement, and I suppose you are keeping your tiny human alive through it- but is that movement you are consumed with helping you feel fulfilled as a mom, wife, friend, etc.?

Convenience. It is RARE.

Well, wait. Let me back up. Healthy and/or helpful convenience is rare. SUPER RARE.

Sure we have fast food stops that seem to be convenient, or store bought cupcakes for your child’s school birthday party [yes, we have all been there, it’s ok] that save you some timely slaving in the kitchen… But are these things truly what we should consider “convenient”?  Ever think that maybe “last-resort” would be more appropriate for those specific things? Convenience should be about bettering our situations with ease, not sending ourselves into demise because we “didn’t have time to [insert task here]”.

Read below for 3 of my favorite things that give my life some healthy/helpful conveniences I will never go without!


#1. Thrive Market

thrive logo

Who wants to eat healthier but has no clue how or where these “cleaner” choices are located in the grocery store? Better yet there may not even be any where you go?! Look no further! Thrive Market to your rescue. Y’all. This is the easiest grocery shopping you will ever do in your life. Here’s why.

  • It’s cheaper than the grocery store.
  • It’s easier to find the things you actually want than when you’re power walking/bumper buggy-ing  (I think I made that term up) through the grocery store.
  • It gets shipped to your doorstep!
  • NOTHING on Thrive Market is made with GMOs (genetically modified organisms- yuck). This is a game-changer people!
  • You can filter products by allergy (dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.), values (vegan, paleo, keto, organic, etc.), and more!!
  • They don’t just have groceries- they carry products for babies, home, beauty, and pets just to name a few!

Do I need to rave on?! Seriously… convenience at its best right here! Oh! And of course, there’s an app- so you can shop on the go anytime! PLUS you can get 25% off your first order!! Literally. THE BEST EVER. Click here to check it out!

**If you receive my e-mails–> Thrive Market is where I get that amazing gluten-free pizza crust on your Free Weekly Meal Plan!!**

If you want access to that FREE WEEKLY MEAL PLAN…. Click here!!

#2. Robotic Vacuum

I’ll admit- at first I thought these things were overrated. Boy was I wrong! I got my mama one as a gift because she had talked about wanting one. I’m a “try it before you buy it” kind of gal- so I saw this as an opportunity! I didn’t want to spend an arm and leg [who does?] so I did my research as always and settled on a highly reviewed fairly priced guy you can find here–>  ILife V5 Vacuum When this little dude arrived of course I had to test him out. This one has a ton of options as far as cleaning type goes, and you can program it to clean on a weekly schedule with the remote. It also has a washable microfiber cloth to really catch all that dust on those wood floors. Ya know, the kind you only see when the sun shines through the windows?!

Not gonna lie, I let him clean for about two hours before I put him back in the box to be gifted.

My mom LOVED him, and two years later he is still going strong! He was enough to make me know I needed one! So, naturally, I asked for one as a Christmas gift. My husband doesn’t like shopping, and we always set the amount we are spending on each other for special occasions- so I knew he would use this as an opportunity to spend more and shop less [which was fine by me].

He ordered me the Roomba 695 from Kohl’s and we used the “Kohl’s Cash” to buy other family Christmas presents- win win!! While this one doesn’t have the microfiber cloth, YOU CAN CONTROL HIM FROM YOUR PHONE, and there is no remote needed because the cleaning type auto adjusts!!! I literally open the app FROM ANYWHERE, hit clean, and he leaves his home under my coffee bar to go wisping away the unsightly dog hair and dirt that drives this mama nuts. Side note- anyone else have a thing about giving objects specific genders like me??  I get to come home to 95% clean floors. I don’t know about you but not having to sweep, swiffer, and vacuum every day is a huge helpful convenience for me!! pexels-photo-844874.jpeg

My next investment is the mop- I just have to research how well they can avoid rugs and carpet… I’ll keep you updated!

#3 Time-Blocking

I used to have huge ambitious goals when it came to being organized and planning things. I bought cute pens and stickers and all the bells and whistles- only to use them for two weeks and lose motivation to be “extra” because I was spending more time “planning” than actually “doing”.

This was until I found the concept of time-blocking.

time block

It goes like this. You know you have to show up for your job from 8am-5pm– SO YOU DO IT, right? With time-blocking, you create your own clock-in and clock-out times for all aspects of your day. I color code each aspect and highlight in the time frame I’m going to be completing that task. Here’s a list of my different “time-blocks”

  • Travel [Times I know I am going to be driving.]
  • Gym/Yoga/Workout [20 minute minimum a day for this block- I’ll talk about minimums and why they are important in another post!]
  • Family Time [quite possibly my fave one. This ensures I am not glued to my phone or household chores too long to spend time with my loves.]
  • School [I teach, so school is “work” time]
  • Personal Business [This is where I reach out, respond, train, and support all my peeps who are striving to change their lives physically & financially!]
  • Cookies [I spend these blocks baking or decorating any orders I have for the week]
  • Homework [Finishing a Masters is no joke, and if I don’t time-block for it- I WILL procrastinate (sadly)  *face-palm*]
  • Special Events [Reserved for any other event: wedding, birthday party, ball games, dinners, etc.]

As you can imagine this can look insane at a glance- but it keeps me accountable and I don’t feel overwhelmed this way. The best type of planner you can use for this strategy is one with time intervals. Find my most favorite one I’ve used yet here.

I literally used to feel like I was running in unproductive circles with everything I had going on [not to mention I felt like crap].


I encourage you to find a few things that actually help your personal situations and run with them! Between my daily super-food nutrition and Thrive Market, I only visit the grocery store for fresh produce. Yes, I time-block those trips when I need to go, and my Roomba runs while I’m out shopping! I would love to connect with any of you who want to know more about my lifestyle and its daily conveniences!

Love and Balance,

Balanced Baking Mama





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