Water sucks…. It really, really sucks.

If you don’t get the title reference, you couldn’t be friends with my husband. He is constantly reminding me of his dislike of water with this movie quote. Can you relate?

Or maybe you’re like my mom and you can drink water all day everyday [like a deprived fish] and love every second of it.

Somewhere in between those two you find me. I can do about four cups of water a day before I’m kind of over it. Lots of my team also struggles with water intake- so I created these 5 little tricks that can help you get your recommended amount of water in!pexels-photo-1000084.jpeg

So, how much is enough?

Rule of thumb for daily water intake is half of your body weight in ounces. For some this may be overwhelming- but start slow. You can do it! A few of the tricks below might make it easier than you think!

Obviously my non-negotiable for this challenge is to ALWAYS have water with you.

#1 The Chug Rule

  • Anytime you pick up your bottle to take a drink, take 5 big gulps before putting it down! Simple as that. Don’t just take one sip. Chug 5 times. You’ll find yourself done with a whole bottle in no time!

#2 Temperature Trainer

  • Believe it or not some people actually prefer room temperature water. I [might] be one of those people. Sometimes anyway. It’s easier for me to actually get down more when it’s not ice cold. Try your water different ways. See which one is more appealing to you for large amount consumption. You might actually be one of those room temp peeps too!

#3 Natural Flavor

  • Most water flavorings are packed with artificial ingredients. Shy away from those- go for the fresh fruit, veggies, oils, or herbs!! Uh, herbs?? SAY WHAT? Yep. Slice up lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries, cucumbers, or some mint and add it to your water. One of my favorite additions is grapefruit essential oil for its metabolism boosting properties and craving control! Mojitos are also my jam- so I love the refreshing mint added, too!!pexels-photo-298719.jpeg

#4 Level Up

  • Quite possibly one of my favorite strategies! You basically have marked lines to where you should have drank to by a certain time. Find an example here. This one in the link breaks down 64 ounces of water by 6 p.m!  You can buy a pre-marked timeline water bottle like that one, or you can mark your own with a sharpie! This is one of the best ways to visualize your water intake! Easy peasy- and it’s kind of like a challenge/game! Plus you will feel SO ACCOMPLISHED with one of these little guys- they really help hold you accountable! I love getting them to send as happy mail to my team!

#5 Blind Bottle

  • Another type of bottle that might help you if the marked timeline isn’t your thing. One of these puppies. Because they are double-walled, they carry some weight and are dark. With that weight and darkness comes the uncertainty of how much water you actually have left in your bottle. If you’re really trying to drink three of these a day, you don’t want it feeling full every time you take a sip- so in turn, you drink more. Then *boom* it’s empty! Do it again!thermos-500ml-stainless-steel-vacuum-water

I hope you found this helpful!

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

Love and Balance,

Balanced Baking Mama


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