Water sucks…. It really, really sucks.

If you don't get the title reference, you couldn't be friends with my husband. He is constantly reminding me of his dislike of water with this movie quote. Can you relate? Or maybe you're like my mom and you can drink water all day everyday [like a deprived fish] and love every second of it.... Continue Reading →

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3 Ways to Make Your Life More Convenient

Anyone else feel like their days are spent in constant movement? Maybe not always productive movement, but movement nonetheless. For example, trying to do laundry while your garbage disposal *toddler* asks for their seventh snack of the day? That's movement, and I suppose you are keeping your tiny human alive through it- but is that... Continue Reading →

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New Territory- Attempt #1

  I am pretty good at clean substitutions when it comes to most recipes, but there is one that I hadn't yet ventured into until today. CINNAMON ROLLS. Like how the heck do you even start making cinnamon rolls "healthier"?? Is there such thing? Surprisingly, YES! Disclaimer: These do not taste like those store bought... Continue Reading →

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The Beginning

Let me take you through a quick snapshot of life before I discovered that meal prepping for 8 hours on Sunday and depriving myself of things I enjoyed wasn't the way to live life. I was an exhausted mom, trying to balance my caloric intake, searching for "time" to exercise, attempting to get a good... Continue Reading →

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